Hi there,

Welcome to Crafty Pups, a crafting blog and tutorial site by Kim from Adimus Dog Services. Have a look at the business side of things by visiting Adimus’ website or by visiting our You Tube page here for free tutorial videos on Positive Dog Training. Crafty Pups is a blog just to show what I do in any spare time I get to unleash my creativity. I love making dog toys and beds, anything that Zilla needs. You can make several toys for the price of one in a pet store and your dog loves anything you give him. Simple things like old socks tied together or old underwear tied up with the old socks. You can also make proper toys with wool ropes and material bodies 🙂 Keep checking back for more blogs about my creative progression as well as how I feel I’m doing in learning to crochet. I’ll also be making tutorials on how to make certain crafty items 🙂
Thanks for coming for Crafty Pups and I hope you enjoy your visit.
Kim x


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